Endless Weekend

Maharaj Kaul

She came over to spend the weekend together,
We hurled on the Harley Superglow galloping the highway free,
She snuggled me tight and I kicked the accelerator hard,
We moved like a ray of light cut loose,
And wished the highway would never end.

At the resort hills we slipped down the slope,
Falling over each other in a tight embrace,
She accused me of plotting the accident,
I swore my innocence.

Down the hill she could not resist the bouncy summer brook,
She jumped right into it,
While I secured her clothes on the shore,
Coming out I squeezed water off her dark dense tresses.

We walked in the meadows,
Seeing the flowers we had never seen before,
We galloped on a pony fast,
Clasped tight in a rhythm.

We chased the butterflies till they forgot the flowers,
We drank so much apple wine that we got intoxicated,
Making us lay and roll on the hard ground,
We played games so long into the night that we forgot their rules.

Returning, the headwind pushed us strong,
She promised me more good times,
Pretending disinterest I said I will go along,
I dropped her but the weekend would never end.

Suffern, New York, 9.22.10

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