(On the retirement of five fellow workers at Lederle Labs)

In a masterstroke of unplanning, we are letting go together five of our finest.

Lederle’s preeminence was forged in the crucible of small working units,
Where faceless workers work long and hard in simple ways,
Removed from spotlight, unmentioned on honor rolls.
But today, unable to carry the himility any longer,
We discharge an old debt to honor five fine spirits, before it is too late.

Years to come, when Lederle becomes number one in industry,
The contributions of engineering will be rediscovered in full glory,
The five who sit here today in elegant modesty,
Will each have a magnificent story.

In this blissful moment of celebration
We are too eager to say good-bye to you,
Not knowing a part of our lives is inextricably interwined with yours.

Did we know you?

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