He remained an aloof tower in my life,
When I was looking for a father.
But the flow of time of has washed my wounds
And now I miss his unalloyed love, his fulsome compassion,
Sharpness of his wit, his unaffected manner.
His presence is imprinted in the recesses of my consciousness,
His incorruptible nobility a light forever shining in my firmament.

You left us suddenly, smiting us to the core;
We needed you in many things that had yet to come.
But you had earned the peace which eluded you in the world.
Now your battles are behind you and you are well anchored
Where angels mingle in serenity and grace.
We wish you could just return for a moment
To see how much better Babu is doing,
How Mummy has lived with a courageous dignity,
And to know the world thinks you put up a splendid fight while here.

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