Forlorn Moments They May Seem : Tribute to Mother on Her Ninth Death Anniversary


Time in its infinite wisdom does not return,

Truth in its ultimate beauty does not change,

Journey of life is but a step,

Destination unknown.


God sends us to world

To explore, to build, to persevere,

Seemingly a training for our

Ultimate rest in eternity.


Mother rested her ultimate trust in God,

A faith reposed without question,

An assignment taken with humility,

An endeavor wrapped with purpose.


Like a flower hidden by a rock

She pined her way,

Without watching a clock,

She gave all that she had and more.


Forlorn moments they may seem

To those who saw her life ordinary,

But today her deeds like a waterfall hit the ground,

Ah! the difference to me.



Note 1:

Written for my mother, Aruna Karihaloo Kaul,

who passed away on April 25,2008. She would

have been 96 today.


Note 2

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Suffern, New York, March 8, 2017




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