God is in the compassion for the lost child,
In the equality of all men,
In the dancing contour of a wave,
Steadfastness in holding to principles,
In the pursuit of truth.

He is timeless and spaceless,
He can be grasped and yet is transcendent,
He is everywhere and yet is nowhere,
He does not speak yet we have his answers,
He is an idea we can not materialize,
A part of ourselves and yet larger than we,
His beauty lies in his supreme reasonableness,
And his message is to be larger than life.

God is the messenger and man is the message,
Nature is the work of natural laws,
But man’s mind weaves the fabric of ethics, beauty, and truth,
Man is both nature and mind.

Above us is a dome of unknown,
Below us is a shaky earth,
Man’s only anchor is his ideas ( or their pursuit),
God is an idea that is grounded in reality,
It has been one of man’s most enduring ideas,
Science can not change it much.

Had there not have been a god so far,
It would be invented,
Man is structured to have a need for him,
God is the inner reflection of man,
His need for order, meaning, and direction.

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