Ode to Existence

We fret and fume to no avail,

Life is awake-dreaming without a goal.


World puts many a cap on human face,

But the one that matters most is one’s soul.


Our doings are often protests against the world,

Our best moments when we are left alone.


Desires are small escapes from the coarseness of the world,

Dreams their blueprint.


Make me not a villain if I knocked out some wisdom,

I was only trying to touch the eternity.


Brotherhood the glue that holds us together,

Uniqueness of the individual our jewel.


Give me a moment you take the history,

Dissolution in an ocean is better than life at a beach.


What is happiness but a mood,

Liberation a permanent state.


Suffern, New York, May 9, 2019; Rev. 1.10.2023



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