Remembrance of Lake George

Lake George, a remnant of the last ice age,

Stands towering in our consciousness,

Little remembering its birth pangs.


When you first see it

You are blown off your feet,

By its majesty, size, and scope.


Its tranquility is uplifting,

Its grace shames our human level,

It is selfless but yet pervasive.


Mountains kiss its shores,

Cool breezes embrace its wavelets,

Its refulgent blue waters forever serenade.


It is an exception of experience,

Its aura is resplendent, its message sublime,

It is an arrow of time traversing to eternity.


My life long search for a beloved

Ended when by chance I discovered her,

Now I sleep in a dream and wake up with one.



Suffern, New York, July 3, 2018







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