Seeing Through A Window

Maharaj Kaul

A window is a fine thing to have,
Whether inside or outside.
Looking is the primary function of mind,
Which may turn into seeing.
We see not only to find new and old things
But also to see nothing.
It is the nothingness that is more significant than the things.
Mind needs a reference to establish objectivity
And a boundary between the spiritual and the material.

A window is larger than us
Because it has purpose, objectivity, and selflessness.
For every clear window man has nine stained windows.
It is the message from nature (God) that we corrupt
That tangles our lives and turns them into a shadow unbleachable.
If we could only see clearly we would be riding an angelic horse,
Our journey here on earth a ribbon of light.

Have you seen a serene slice of nature
On a clear irenic day –
A tapestry of mystic pregnancy,
A trance waiting to happen now,
But a communication connecting us with eternity?
Man and nature are the same but eons of misunderstanding
Has put between them an immutable wall.

Man has many distractions in the world.
Spun by culture, invented by commerce.
Petty materialistic toys offered easily ensnare him.
For every such tie man loses an equivalent spiritual freedom.
Problem is that material world is easy to understand
But spiritual world needs jettisoning of some of our pet assumptions, values, and visions.

A window is a way to get out of ourselves,
To belong to the world beyond ourselves,
To feel that we belong to a much larger phenomenon.
Our stay on earth is but a twinkle in the cosmic dance.
Man is greater than his achievements, higher than his aspirations.

Man’s journey has not been easy,
For each enlightenment there are two falsehoods,
For each brilliant vision there are two abysmal illusions.
But we must try to lift ourselves above the trashy daily worldly life.
Even if we fail to achieve the crest of human life’s splendor,
We would still have gained some light, some freedom, some joy,
And some insight into the larger things.

Let us start with having an outer window,
And become good unbiased observers.
Then graduate to the creation of an inner window
(The two windows are connected)
And start seeing things that were not there before.
We will see a garden before us, beautiful and magnificent.
But it can disappear any moment if we do not hold on to it.

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