Lift off the covers of culture and world,
See life through an unaberrated lens,
Find the universe of solitude,
Enveloping the primal pulse of life.

In solitude you have the company of nature,
You touch a corner of infinity,
And feel the pulse of eternity.

Solitude’s veil separates the existence
From ephemeral and illusory,
It lifts it above dust and drone,
The merely personal and material goals.

Solitude is a state feared by common wisdom,
Anathema to the happiness-cult,
Misery reserved for the vile and the unfortunate.

To be one with nature is the highest harmony of existence,
Gateway to sweet serenity,
The elixir of experience.

You can be distracted when alone,
Or be in solitude amidst a crowd.
Life is an inner world radiating out,
( But recognizing the outer reality),
An inner music trying to find resonance outside.

You have become grown-up, when you have found your stride,
You are happy when you are on the right path,
You have matured when you have found your solitude.

In youth solitude is a cruel punishment,
In old age a serene, possessed state,
In solitude you are not alone,
You are in company of the stranger you are trying to know.

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