The Infinite Radiance Of Sri Sarada Devi (rev)

Above all kings, sultans, and governors,
That have ruled the beautiful valley of Kashmir for eons,
Has been the supreme ruler Sri Sarada Devi.
She was there before creation and will remain there till eternity.

The miracle of Sri Sarada Devi cannot be explained,
In fact it should not be searched for,
Her radiance is beyond human comprehension.

Whenever Kashmiri people have been plunged in darkness
And their long and arduous tapasyas seem to have reached the end of their efforts,
Sri Sarada Devi has come down from the heavens to help them.

From the ancient times until almost the recent times
Kashmiris have believed human life to be a miracle of nature –
A special phenomenon sent down from the heavens
To perform special tasks.

To maintain their special attributes human beings are required
To keep connected with the Supreme Deity,
Kashmir has been a land of worshippers and not a land of materialists.

In the present cycle of the universe Sri Sarada Devi appeared
When the great Saiva sage Sandilya seeking the supreme enlightenment
Worshipped Sri Sarada Devi with high intensity over a long time,
Finally, on the evening of the eighth night of the waxing moon,
In the autumn month of Asvin, she arose to manifest herself to Sandilya,
By descending into his heart as the penetrating rays of divine moonlight,
She flooded him with the lunar nectar of immortality.

Which is why she is called the matriarchal Goddess of Kashmir who personifies
The liberating light of the Autumn Moon,
Also, the anniversary of that special autumn night when she rose is known as Navaratra,
Her ancient temple was built on the spot overlooking
The valley where she descended into the heart of Sandilya,
Becoming the very heart of the Kashmiri people.

Sri Sarada Devi is endowed with a 1000 names,
All are her attributes of liberation , joy, beauty, and
The other supreme qualities of life that a man of stellar imagination would aspire,
The ritual of reading these names on Navratra is called Sarada Sahasranma,
Sarada Devi has painted cosmos in godly possibilities,
Man’s life has been lifted very high.
Note: Sri Sarada Devi is the supreme goddess of Kashmiri Pandits.

Suffern, New York, Sept. 8, 2013: Rev.: 7.30.15

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