The Paradox of God

When we don’t see him, why must we follow him,

When he doesn’t talk to us,

Why must we wait to hear from him?

Why don’t we give up on him?


Is God an illusion,

Or an unresolved paradox?

Most of the world believe in him,

Without waiting for the proof of his existence.


God is ourselves put in high-profile mirror –

A much higher- rated copy of us,

A potential forever challenging

Our diffidence in our capacity to enlarge ourselves.


It is the sacrifice and bliss that we can’t understand

That keeps us in umbral zone of God,

We have all the ingredients of God

But no courage to play his role.


In a godless world ego soars,

Confusions spread, paradoxes bloom,

The difference between good and evil melt –

Life is a sheer biological experience.





Suffern, New York, December 8, 2017



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