Viva Cirquans

Ramapo Cirque is a vale of undulations and sinewy streets,

A basket of flowers and arrays of quiet cute houses.


It has a village’s unpretentious exuberance,

And a cosmic skyline to hypnotize us.


Smart amenities to put us in cool comfort,

And gentle people to befriend.


Now we are opening doors to a new culture,

Where indifference and isolation will become history.


All families will become wheels on the new road,

Where we will find a future of warmth and indulgence.


New Cirque will be more benign, interactive, and creative,

A community will be born instead of a condo it has been.


Hail hail Cirquans the moment to change has been ushered,

We will forget the past and make the future our road ahead.




  1. I live in a community of town houses, run by a home owners association,

in Suffern, New York.

  1. I have coined the word Cirquans for the people who live in Ramapo Cirque.



Suffern, New York, September 30, 2017



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