Where Do We Find You Bhajan?

Where do we find you Bhajan,

In the shy Wullar waters of Sopore,

Or in the regal Nishat and Shalimar gardens?


Your carefully managed long tresses of hair,

Well groomed mustache and stylish kurta and pajama,

Created the image of a slick socialite or an actor just out of a performance.


What were your secrets Bhajan,

What were your heart aches and ecstasies,

What were your frustrations?


Your enigmatic smile revealed little,

That you had devoted your life to strings from five,

Long burning hours doused in perspiration.


Maybe your Kashmiri Dhun reveals a little,

Sopori Baaj some more,

But your mystery you have taken with you.


Suffern, New York, July 14, 2022


maharaj.kaul @yahoo.com



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