Who Am I? (Vers. 2)

In the corridors of my mind I searched for who am I?
I combed through the myriad layers of my history,
I probed my deepest sensations,
I looked in the mosaic of my living and dead emotions.

The only thing I could find was
An “I” forever accompanying me.
Always invisible, almost always silent,
But always watching everything I do.

I don’t think he is my master,
He doesn’t seem to run my life,
But he is always there,
Watching, watching.

Once in a while he gets upset
Over something I have done,
But an invisible barrier precludes our dialog.

When my journey is over,
Will he follow me in eternity?

Note: A poem by the same title was published on 1.31.2010. It is poem number 78 in the Poems section of my website indicated below.

Suffern, New York, March 23, 2012

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