Will You Join Me in the Great Adventure?

It is only a short time from now

That I must leave my body and earthly ties,

Forget that I ever visited the world

And disappear in the thin mists of eternity.


While the journey on earth

Was both a wild adventure

As well as an empty exercise –

It was actually an endless mourning.


Humans live by strange values and rules,

Obvious truths are subjected to endless logical testing,

Turning our values into a commodity,

Our experience a mindless exercise.


So much weight is put on intelligence,

So much value given to material wealth,

When man lives for only a short while,

Isn’t this a reckless failure of our commonsense?.


But I am here now

At the point of departure from the world,

Will you hold my hand till the last moment

And join me in the great adventure ahead?



Suffern, New York, December 8, 2017





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