Heart Never Breaks (rev)

The breeze at the beach swirled in a hypnotic rhythm,
The sky was spotlessly azure,
Sand was sensuously powdery,
It was thinly populated.

My beloved was coy and seemed to hide something,
But I did not want an unknown to mar the exuberance of the scene,
But as the hours rolled languorously
I got a feeling that something big was afoot.

Before sun’s gold melted in the tremulous ocean
My beloved declared that she was breaking off from me,
Smashing my stellar dreams,
Draining off my reservoir of tranquility.

Mornings came and melted in the echo of time,
Afternoons froze on the horizon,
Evenings echoed dolefully in the stillness,
Nights fluttered aimlessly in their blackness.

Poor heart was laid a siege more impregnable
Than the core of the earth,
It was confronted by an army of sadness
More single-minded than the My Lai massacre brigade.

When a heart is attacked
It focuses its attention on infinite –
Away from the things that attacked it,
It sees that nature has a vast reservoir of compassion
For the heartbroken.

Look at the stillness of a lake and feel its balm,
Look at a mountain and absorb its silent strength,
Look at trees and see their elegant gracefulness,
Look at animals and see their ungrudging calmness.

It is in the meaning of meaning that man not give in or give up,
For he has a tryst with destiny,
He has dreams to dream and promises to keep,
The glow of his heart will shine the earth.

A heart has its own reasons to defy adversity,
It is an immaculate piece of human personality:
Resonant, courageous, and persistent,
It is the mirror of soul, an enactor of mind.


Suffern, New York, April 18, 2014; Rev: 6.24.15

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