World Peace

 World peace is a universal word, the sound of which reverberates images of serenity and order in the world. But how much of it is actually realized.

There are numerous world bodies that are devoted to world peace. One of the most famous of them is United Nations.

The reason why world peace gets a short shrift in the world is because human beings are parochial. The central question in the world affairs is how do we get people involved in peace beyond their local district.

Love of humanity is not ingrained in our genes but is an exercise of intellectuality and spirituality.

Through intellectual or spiritual introspection, one realizes that human beings span a long radius. Love for our brethren is instantly expandable. Once you love one unknown human being, you can love any number of them. In fact love for human beings is like a fire, which once started, knows no boundaries.

If we consider human beings a group of people, thinking of their welfare and love is not difficult – it comes from spiritual need.

We need world peace as the world has shrunk to an Internet dimension. And implementation of peace is the least we can do for humanity.

We have to enlarge ourselves to the extent of humanity, as the dimension of a single individual sinks in the ocean of the humanity. Together we seek the best roads of survival, together we forge the blueprint for tempered tranquility of existence.

World peace is refluent environment of our breath, it is the cadence of our soul.

Suffern, New York, Aug. 2012

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