A Moment

Hyacinths impregnated the scene

With scent and sight,

The garden beckoned to an unknown place –

A moment in time, a slice of life.


Life is a play

Where rehearsals are not allowed,

Each moment is precious,

Each moment is final.


All plans of life

Can falter anytime,

What remains durable

Is our will to dream.


Those who dream during night

Are natural performers,

Those who dream during day

Change the world.


To change universe to a moment

And expand a moment to universe,

Isn’t that what we do in life,

And what it is about?


Is life a concatenation of moments,

Or an unrolling of destiny,

A flow of time,

Or a flow of feelings?


When things happen

And our self participates in it,

That is a moment.

Rest is irrelevant.


The world is too much with us –

Affront to our nature.

Life is but a moment,

Let’s not squander it.



Suffern, New York, July 26,2016




















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