Enigma of Time

Dedicated to

Urmila Dhar Zutshi

a spark of life, a charge of conviction


Like some supreme deity time presides

Over human life in special ways,

Giving it form and meaning,

Verve and verisimilitude.


As the ribbon of life uncoils every moment,

Time maintains a record –

That is both visible and invisible,

Sublime and cruel.


We are bit-players on the stage of life,

Each acting out a destined role,

Sometimes time is on our side,

But often it is against.


Time is a different face of memory,

It is in partnership with destiny,

We are at its mercy,

And cannot change a whit of it.


The axis of time beckons us to great deeds,

But the world pulls us gravitationally down.

Between the two our destiny

Hangs like an acrobat on a trapeze.



Suffern, New York, July 16, 2016






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