A Ray Of Light, A Banquet Of Hopes

A Welcome To Maya

Like an angel of our dreams
You have descended from the heavens,
To warm our hearts, to illuminate our world –
Our answered prayers.

You bring with you a ray of light and a bouquet of hopes,
To give us joy and meaningfulness.

Our relationship goes back to our earlier lives through eternity,
Where we have bonded invisibly through dew and dust,
And now in human form you have come to our world,
And lit a candle in our firmament.

We will protect you with the dance of our breaths,
The perspiration of our brows, the light of our souls.

Sweet princess, we cannot measure our love for you,
But will simply say that you have opened doors to a new life for us,
Garlands for the sweetheart and welcome to our world.

Suffern, New York, October 10, 2014

This poem has been written on the birth
of Maya, Jawahar and Anju Chaudhary’s
first grandchild.

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