Dilemma Of Modern Man (rev)

Ambition, the unwavering self-aggrandizing flame,
Courses the veins of modern man,
Never giving him rest.

Work, the new religion,
Has woven an emerald cocoon around him,
Denying him leisure, dimming out his reflection.

Life passes in a mechanical soliloquy,
While the poetry of life is squeezed out.

Loneliness, the enduring environment,
Has drilled through his pores,
Creating a lens,
Through which everything looks unconnected.

The heft of his wealth inflates his ego
And saturates his senses,
But existence is from moment to moment.

Man has to begin anew,
To tread a more inspired path.

Suffern, New York, Sept. 22, 2014; Rev.: 6.24.15

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