Aspects Of Life

Time, the invisible charioteer,
Leads us through the many terrains of life –
Always silent, always there.
It gives order, flow, and substance to life.
There are things in nature that are eternal,
There are yearnings in man that are eternal.

We cannot see the whole of life,
We only see that we live through,
The mystery of life transcends common intelligence.

We live in this world
But always carry a vision of the world beyond.
But the passage through this world is the most challenging,
Eternity takes care of us after that.

In the beginning is my end,
In the end is my beginning.

Life is a work in progress,
Work makes you free.

The way ahead is pathless,
Who is to tell which is the right direction?
All we need is God’s word,
You have found Him when you have replaced your concerns
With universal concerns.

Every human life knows a way to live,
If we lose that then we have lost everything.
Out there in universe there are points of luminosity
That brighten our lives in this grey world.

If you do not see my wounds
It is because they are in my heart and not on my body.
The experience of life transcends its understanding.
A tear drop is indefinable as is the conception of God.

I am looking forward to a world
Where friendships never fade
And love is never measured.
Facts may be misleading sometimes
But a dream never lies.

To live life harmoniously we may not need
A religion, a culture, or a philosophy,
All we need is character.

There is no one on whose shoulders I can cry,
How do you thank the light by which you see.
I do not live for tomorrow but for eternity.
Poetry is a meaning hanging in the rough ocean of life.

Suffering for a good cause elevates our soul,
In a heartbreak lie the seeds of transformation.

What is hope when there is no future?
What is love when its object does not understand it?
What is God when one sees no divinity around?

The world is too much in our way to find the bliss,
The best ship to carry us there is selflessness,
Best light to follow is nature.

So it was when I was a child,
So it happened when I became a man,
So will it be when I die.



Suffern, New York, Dec.5, 2011; Rev: Nov. 25, 2022




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