We Have A Rendezvous With Destiny

Written For The 1st Kashmiri Pandit Youth Conference
To Be Held At Pune, India On January 7 & 8, 2012

Let the word go forth from Pune that a new generation of Kashmiri youth
Has embarked on a mission to excel in management and business, science and technology,
They will show the world how to be high-achievers with hard work and humility, grace and peace,
They have written their will in the stars and have set up a rendezvous with destiny.

With the head held high and the heart glowing strong,
Our youth in Pune assemble in an august conference,
To galvanized their resolve to take charge of their future,
To be the shining stars of our community and leaders of our nation.

Much is expected of our youth, as much has been given to them.
They are the children of Vitasta, the continuation of Harmukh,
They are the blessings of Khirbavani and the eternal peace of Amarnath,
They are the light that has gathered over Kashmiri Pandits over thousands of years.

Our children are ready to walk
The path their fathers and forefathers travelled on,
They are ready to honor our roots and ethos,
The world has changed a lot since the first Pandit
Walked the hallowed ground in Kashmir 5,000 years ago.

For thousands of years we kept burning our flame
At the altar of learning and righteous creed,
Today we have been castigated from our ancestral home,
Strewn carelessly over the crust of the earth,
Scrambling for our identity and roots.

But today is the day of celebration for our youth,
Today is the day of rejoicing for our community,
We look to our future with confidence and joy
And feel our youth will carry our flag forward

Suffern, New York December 4, 2011 www.kaulscorner.com maharaj.kaul@yahoo.com

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