Frozen Star

Frozen star you have more warmth

Than we have on earth,

Though you live 4.5 light-years away,

Just above the Absolute Zero.


We on earth are killing each other at regular intervals,

Squandering the wisdom of our religions,

Denying us the radiation of our hearts –

Satan in us never rests.


The lust for material glory is endless,

The power of the ego unblinking,

We want to be Gods,

But without their compassion.


Much as I walked through the corridors of the world,

Much I heard the shrill noises of self-glory,

Much I saw the lust of materialism,

Much I felt the sickness of narcissism.


It seems mankind and wisdom are

Like an asymptote and a curve,

Closer they get,

But yet they never meet.


Dear frozen star,

I wish I had never visited earth,

Let alone its world,

I would have liked to live in eternity with you.



Suffern, New York, Dec. 19, 2016; Rev. Dec. 22,2016








The star mentioned here is Alpha Centauri, which is 4.37 light-years

from us, that is about 26,220,000,000 miles. It is among the brightest

stars in the sky.



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