I Will Still Love You to the World’s End

It is set now that you will leave Suffern and with it me –

A crest of your destructive activities in the name of sorrow and nirvana,

But I still feel our love runs deeply abundant even up to an upheaval –

So I do not know who is more insane between us.


I know the world inflicted deep anguish on you,

You like a fragile flower petal disintegrated in its onslaught,

Real love disregards world in its existence,

Ethereality the only mantra in its workings.


But your suffering is real nevertheless,

I offer myself body and soul to mitigate every scintilla of your agony –

I am willing to lay my life to keep you smiling,

But darling you have just to give me a signal.


I know we live in an age where love is just one of the possessions of self:

Modern self is narcissistic, unshared, unripened, unsatisfying,

But we know this aberration is time-bound,

Cultures seesaw between man’s spiritual death and rebirth.


I wish you could stay where you are,

Think creatively and let love have a chance to be reborn,

But if you still insist on going after something more durable than it,

I will still love you to the world’s end.


Suffern, January 4, 2018



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