The Reverberations of Kashmir

In the high sculptured mountain peaks,
In the scintillating calm lakes,
The music of Kashmir reverberates
Like a line in a poem.
Everything in Kashmir is a vast tapestry,
Echoing eternity.


Food and drink were important to Kashmiris
But the search for the spirit was more so,
Life to them was just an excuse to meditate,
To hold the supreme light,                                                                                                                     Howsoever momentarily.


Man made the world but God made the heavens,
Kashmiris did not become great worldly people
But they became great spiritualists,
They walked the peaks of the mountains but
Remained small walkers in the world.


Kashmir is an idea,
Whose spirit reverberates,
Soaring high to the unknown,
It searches for a self which is indefinable.


Suffern, New York




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