If I Could Have Done It



There were gardens that could have been made more beautiful,

There were tears that could have been stopped,

There were causes that could have been backed –

But I was under the gravity of a vision.


I sought perfection in the chaos of life,

Pursued ideas losing the primal pulse of actions,

I dreamt of things that were not,

Ignoring the naked albatross of reality around.


It is not that I did not care,

It is because I chose a few among the possibilities,

I focused on the grandeurs of life,

Removed from everyday life.


Call me not insensitive or crude

That I aspired for diamonds from the rubble,

Serene solitude from the tumult of the world,

Eternity from the melting strands of human time.



Suffern, New York, August 3, 2017






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