Maharaj Kaul

What is peace?
Is it a state of mind or a physical condition of existence?
It is more –
It is the particular structure of consciousness.

Man does not need peace to survive,
But it is the prerequisite for high – level creative work
And the search for God, Beauty, and Truth.
And to hear the music of the universe.

Why should anyone invade someone’s peace of mind,
It is as immoral as disabling someone.
Man comes with peace
But the world often robs it in wanton ignorance and crass cruelty.

Peace is a much ballyhooed weapon among the politicians,
Those who sloganize it the most know it the least.
Often a nation’s peace is in the hands of debased politicians,
Who treat it as a commodity,
Often bartering it with money.

Peace is a human right,
Which shall not be abridged, abrogated, or axed by anyone.

Man was sent by nature in peace,
He should live his transient life in peace.

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