Man’s arduous journey comes to halt many times,
Many deaths are endured before the last one,
His works are leveled to ground by chance,
Dissolution sets in with the force of life.

Nature and world pound on the fine substance of man,
Frustrating his efforts and wrecking his plans,
Disturbing his rhythm and breaking his will.

Man’s splendid but fragile system
Is geared for a natural, fair, and consistent treatment,
But it is smothered by inhumanity, jolted by unfairness, and distracted by noise.

Man’s nature needs recognition and encouragement,
Love and comfort,
Success and sympathy.

Many ambitions dissolve into unrealizable dreams,
Many efforts end in dead-end failures,
Many hopes sink into hopelessness by the ponderous weight of reality.

Defeats are transformed by time to benignly haunting memories,
Dissolutions are followed by rebirths,
The journey of life resumes with feverish pace,
Life sustains many a death.

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