Nature has made mankind in a bizarre juxtaposition of qualities,
Along with its larger- than- life character lie its tunnels of charged darkness,
Its ennobling brilliance is accompanied by wanton ugliness,
Its uplifting creativity is co-resident with meaningless destruction,
A splendid system contains anomalistic aberration.

The dark side has wrecked quite a havoc through ages,
The murder of millions of men,
The unabashed torture and subjugation of people,
The other face of mankind is a night unabated,
An ugliness indescribable, an evil pit unfathomed.

Where does in the system of human soul cruelty reside,
Why does it exist in so grand a design?
It seems nature did not want the beauty of man to remain unblemished,
So it created hideousness in a strange way of balance,
A shimmering moon with pockmarks.

But nature has no evil design,
It is all in the nature of nature to create some inhuman entities,
It runs by its own principles, its own light,
In the larger interest of things,
We make room for darkness along with the shine.

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