How to live life remains the perpetual question,
Passed on from generation to generation,
The riddle which hangs over mankind as a haunting goad,
The answer to which is vital to human existence.

Life can be lived in many different ways,
But not without a vision,
This vision is the religion of man.

When I have senses to receive the information,
And reason to understand the world,
Why do I need religion to guide me?

It is not the intelligence that we lack that keeps us from illumination,
It is not the physical health that gives us the enriched existence,
It is the way we live that leads us to the highest potential of life.

Reason is a fine sword which can be used in more than one way,
It is the goal for which it is used that makes it worthwhile.

Life can be lived in many different ways,
But the enriched lives fall only into a few types.

Nothing is more elevating than to live a purposeful life.

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