The Other Side Of Life (rev)

Life has more than one side to it:
One side is pulsating with hopes and desires,
The other signifies the futility of that common hope.

We wallow in endless hope to believe that one day
We would be prosperous and therefore happy,
But that hope becomes our chimera, our grand illusion.

Is worldly success our goal
Or nature’s wisdom the ultimate prize?
Human values are uncertain, as epochs have shown us,
The truth is that actually we know little about life.

What did God have in mind when he conceived of human life:
His plaything, a meaningless dance?
Or a grand quest for the eternal?

Nature was made by natural laws
But worldly wisdom was based on human thought,
The duality between the two will
Forever divide the human reason and psyche,
Absolute conception of life will eternally remain a divided domain.

Is following the wisdom of nature higher than the service of the world?
Life is two-sided and there is no way to know which is superior.

Suffern, New York, Sept. 6, 2013; Rev.: 7.29.15

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