Out in Occupational Therapy section of Helen Hays Hospital
Is a light shining and warming the hearts of its patients.
Day in and day out they pass through
This post of basic therapy:
People in pain, slings, and bandages,
On crutches and walkers.
Tricia, Helen, Barbara, Lisa, and Tammy
Greet and treat everyone with serenity and skills.

Tricia and her team not only heal the physical pain
But also balm its mental coefficient.
She has the soft touch – the maternal instinct;
She connects with every patient
In sensitive but solid ways –
Never relaxing on the treatment minutiae.

It is the Tricias of the world that impart value to life.
Seeing her magic I realized that she must have a legion of admirers,
So I stepped back to become an anonymous one.
Tricia go on doing your thing,
You have already painted the sky crimson.

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