When I Think I Will Never See You Again

When I think I will never see you again

I look out of the window,

And see you on a white horse

Descending slowly from clouds.


You have gone so long

That I do not remember your face,

But looking at my finger-stub

I remember how I tried to save you once.


I remember once seeing you

Kissing a boy behind a rock,

How I decided to jump

In the ocean in front of me.


But an old friend stumbled on me,

Distracting me from suicide,

But the new life has not been easy,

As the old troubles didn’t unknot.


Memories like threads weave

A fabric of an epic,

Studded with romance and bravery,

Separation and sorrow.


There is a dream there

That never wants to die,

There is a hurt there

That never wants to heal.



Suffern, New Year, December 27, 2016




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